A Journey of Discovery


A Journey of Discovery
A Muslim encounters Initiatives of Change
by Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid

The author, a former chairman of the Muslim Council for Religious & Racial Harmony UK, is a Muslim scholar, thinker, speaker, educator and mentor. His ideas are some of the most advanced in the search for a meaningful interpretation of Islam in the 21st century.
In this story, Imam Sajid recounts his own journey from hate to love, and from a divided world to one where co-operation and better understanding prevails. His encounter with Initiatives of Change has made possible a deeper teamwork with people of other cultures and faiths, and the finding of common ground in tackling the moral needs of our society.


“When studying at Punjab University I was set a project on ‘Honesty in world religions’. I found material on every faith but I had difficulty in finding the answer to the question: ‘Do Christians have any moral standards?’
In the British Council library I was shown a book called Remaking the World, the collected speeches of Dr Frank Buchman…I was surprised to discover that he not only believed in morals, but felt that a true Christian should aim to live by absolute moral standards…Buchman’s speeches revealed a man who was fearless, frank and yet humble; they left a big impression on me.”

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