Fear or Faith


Fear or Faith
compiled by John & Jeanne Faber

SOME of us fear growing old. Some fear dying – fear the unknown, separation from those we love. Here are stories, actual experiences, and poems from people who have overcome those fears, for whom death is a part of life – the next step, a completion.
It is natural to experience fear, but someone once said: “You can always choose between fear and faith, and the two cannot live together in the same heart”.
80 pages, £5-00

Published by Caux Books 978-1-85239-041-9

‘How I cheated the Fat Lady’ by Geoffrey Lean
It all began with a sharp pain in my stomach. My doctor diagnosed a twisted bowel and sent me to the local hospital. I remember a needle being stuck into my arm, committing myself and my family rather nervously to the Almighty, and no more.
I woke in intensive care a month later, trapped in a spaghetti junction of tubes, paralysed, unable to speak – and breathing through a hole in my neck. My doctors say they can’t count how often they had hauled me back from ‘halfway through the pearly gates’.
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