Finding a Purpose in Life


Finding a Purpose
by John Faber

John Faber died in 2009 aged 84. The last thing he did was to finish working on this little booklet. He wrote it in the hope that it might help those of a younger generation find a faith and a purpose in life, as he himself did in his twenties – and which lasted till his dying day.
Life was always an adventure for John, to be lived and enjoyed to the full, led and upheld by a loving heavenly Father.

A quote:
In my teenage years I used to lie awake at night and wonder, “What am I here for? What’s m role? What is my purpose?
(After serving as an officer in the Royal Navy in the war, he met Roger Hicks)
He asked me why I was afraid of giving my life to God. I said, “He might ask me to speak at Hyde Park Corner, or to go to China as a missionary.”
He replied: “There are two good reasons why God would not ask you to go to China. 1) God is a gentleman, and 2) He has more regard for the Chinese!” This cut the ground from under my feet, and we had a good laugh.

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