Margot’s Memoirs


Margot’s Memoirs
by Margot Young

Margot has had a long and varied life, and at the age of 92 followed her husband David in putting her fast fading memories on paper. The daughter of a poultry farmer, she tells the amazing story of coping in the Depression of the Thirties in Britain when she saw unemployed miners from the Welsh valleys come to work on the farm. Later, she spent 17 years in India helping David set up Asia Plateau, the centre for MRA near Mumbai.


MY father, John Meekings, had a miserable childhood, growing up in London’s East End with an alcoholic father. He joined the army in the First World War and lost an eye in Mesopotamia. He was brought in from the battlefield by an Arab to the British lines. He always wanted to be an architect, but an oculist told him that he should go for an open air life where he would not be troubled by the lack of an eye. So he decided to take up poultry farming, and was quite successful from small beginnings. In fact he had three different farms, ending up at Bolney Grange in Sussex, where he did very well indeed. . .

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