Change-Makers Gallery


Read online what some of the veterans
in the fight for change in our world have recorded.
Short, pithy stories of real people – out to make

a difference.

THIS site is for STORIES that need to be told.
The many and varied experiences of people who have lived lives of commitment to the will of God as far as they could (allowing for lapses on the way!) can inspire us – give us courage to have a go ourselves.

Our conviction is that they need to be remembered, written down and recorded, especially for the benefit of the many young people who are looking to do likewise. To give them the chance to plumb the depths of these people’s narratives.
For young people brevity is a positive. So we’ve tried to encapsulate these stories in short, attractive formats, easy to read online, or buy in print form.

Normal autobiographies are rich sources of inspiration, but do take a lot of reading. Our aim is to collect the remarkable memoirs of folk who many would regard as minor saints. Why let their stories remain untold? There’s such a crying need in the media for storied of hope rather than hate. TV soaps revel in revealing undercurrents of grudge, bitterness, resentment and revenge amongst families and communities – so why not promote an antidote to this cynicism? That’s our job!