No More Bullets


No More Bullets
by Elsa Vogel

When Elsa and I were in London one day, meeting up with young people keen to hear about our lives, I noted how gripped they were with her story. I resolved to ask her to write it down, even though she was French, and 88 – it was not easy for her. But it inspired me to carry on asking other ‘veterans’ of the work of MRA to do likewise – for the benefit of future generations. Otherwise these stories will be lost forever.


‘It is August 1944. The occupation of France by the Germans has gone on for four years, but now there is a great excitement that the Allies have landed in Normandy and are approaching Paris. I was born and bred in Paris and, having lived through all of the occupation, am now nearly 19 years old, studying at the University of Medicine. Like everyone else, I am waiting for the moment when we shall be liberated…’

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