While the Children Were Sleeping


While the Children Were Sleeping
by Jenny Hinton

Jenny Hinton has been waiting until after her parents’ deaths to share this family saga. It tells of families split asunder, then reconciled. It exposes many modern deceptions of evil, versus hope and healing.
Drawing on material already published by Peter and Eileen Caddy of the Findhorn Community, it describes the effect on her parents of another woman’s visionary speculation in launching the ‘dawning of a New Age’.

392 pages, incl. 24 pages photos, £14-95

Published by ASTRA Books 978-0-9575120-1-6

Quote from Introduction:

THIS true family story begins with my parents, and is about how they went their different ways. It tells of their five children who were deeply affected by their parents’ choices, and of what held the family together through rough seas. The plot only began to take shape in 1978 after our father’s Thanksgiving Service when four out of five of his offspring gathered to decide how to distribute his meagre possessions.

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