Wonderfully Led


Wonderfully Led
A Shared Adventure by Barbara Guilbride

At 93 Barbara was inspired by her 88-year-old friend Elsa Vogel to commit to paper the main events of her life, and that of her late husband Terry. In just 24 pages she describes how two ordinary people from very different backgrounds in England were drawn together to achieve extra-ordinary things in Africa.

A quote from her booklet:
I had just passed my driving test, and one day when I was at work, I got a phone call from Joan, a friend in Moral Re-Armament, to say they were meeting for coffee and she wondered if I would like to join them and hear more about it. I was horri¬fied, and certainly didn’t want to do any such thing, so I told her I had another appointment (totally untrue), and rang off. However, she had managed to say one thing that kept persistently coming back to me:
“You know, Barbara, I always found life pretty pointless until I met this.” Joan was already a concert pianist – had given recitals on the radio. Compared with her my life was totally without purpose. I phoned her back and said I now found I was free after all (!) and would like to come and meet her friends. . .
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